New policies starting April 12, 2023, and onward!!

Same Day reschedules will now require a reschedule fee 50% of the service(s) being that same day “reschedules” is still a same day cancellation and if you decide to not reschedule due to a scheduling conflict(for example if we can’t accommodate your availability due to us being booked), it would still be deemed a late cancellation which holds the same policy, which is stated in our confirmation info you receive for every booked appt, every single time!

Also, Unconfirmed appts will be cancelled Saturday the week before your scheduled appt, confirmation links automatically come to your direct contact via cell phone or email, if you don’t receive a link within 5-30mins of when you initially booked your appt via the website, over the phone or on-site, PLEASE contact us to resend your confirmation. Our booking sends out 2 reminders including before 24hrs before your appt, outside of major occurrences we believe it’s enough time to let us know!!

IF YOU CAN NOT OR DO NOT WANT TO reserve your appt with a card, moving forward when we call on Saturday to check on the unconfirmed appointment, we will request a non refundable security deposit of what a cancellation fee would be based off of what is booked (yes it will be deducted from the remaining balance), if the deposit can not be made, unfortunately due to constant no shows of unconfirmed appts, we will have to cancel!

If you can’t call, text us


*If you have changed numbers, please update us. A sure way of knowing that we don’t have your correct contact info is when you DO NOT receive a confirmation link within approx. 5-30 min after making an appointment via in person, over the phone, or online. PLEASE contact us immediately to make sure it’s right!*

We are experiencing too many no shows for unconfirmed appointments, so this new policy is a must!!!! We have a lot of people waiting to get booked that we could have booked and please note all of the ladies employed at Lena Brows are NOT Sandusky residents, so for them to drive in town to set up to give you the best service, for a no show is quite the bummer, so if you could give us a heads up that would be great!!!!

Any questions, please give us a shout!!!

As always we understand things happen, but if and when you’re able give us a heads up, even if it’s after or before hours, leave us a message in our inbox, our voicemail, or text the salon number, it doesn’t stop our cancellation policy fees, but it lets us know not to come in!

Thanks for your support and understanding.



Please follow these guidelines for your lash extension appointment:

1. Come makeup free (no foundation, no mascara, no eyeliner).

2. Do not have anything caffeinated the day of your appointment (no soda, tea, coffee, energy drinks, etc.).

3. If you wear contacts, please bring your contact lenses holder.

4. Please come to your appointment ALONE. No friends, spouses or children, no exceptions.

5. Please refrain from wearing any fragrance.